Red, White, Blue, and Santa Claus Too!

Welcome to Bristol! old Santa Claus said
As he zoomed o’er the town in his sled

With lights twinkling bright all around
This New England gem was holiday bound

Christmas spirit was just everywhere, every street and store
More than any place Santa had seen before

On Hope Street wreaths on each door and candles aglow
Garland and ribbons tied with big bows

Near the Burnside Building Santa saw with delight
A big tall Christmas tree shining oh so bright

And down by the harbor the lights were strung with care
‘Twas a festive scene almost too much to bear!

“Why this town has the most holiday cheer by far!
Their Christmas spirit reaches up to the stars!”

“And patriotic too, stars and stripes and fields of blue,
Bristol’s the best! Their spirit is true!”

Over the harbor his reindeer flew quick as a flash
Past the red, white and blue flagpoles and boat masts

Toward Independence Park Santa steered his sled
“Bristol sure knows how to fill hearts with holiday spread!”

The children snug in their beds as Santa dropped by
Had visions of sugar plums dancing in their minds’ eye

As Santa placed gifts under trees left and right
He smiled and said “Merry Christmas, Bristol! And to all a good night!”

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