About the Santa House

The Santa House, an initiative of the James D. Rielly Foundation, is the realization of a decade-long dream of our president and chief merriment officer, Michael Rielly. This unique venue is unlike any other in the country, offering a holiday sanctuary dedicated entirely to creating magical Christmas experiences for those with special needs and their families.

Free of charge and run entirely by volunteers, the Santa House is a special place where joy and inclusivity meet through live performances, interactive moments, and Hallmark-worthy experiences that forge lasting memories.

As a hub of community holiday spirit, we not only celebrate the season but also collaborate with local charities and businesses to uplift families in need, embodying the true spirit of giving.

Our Mission

The mission of the Santa House is to foster the magic of Christmas for adults and children with disabilities and their families. We provide immersive holiday experiences free of charge through community partnerships. Our volunteer-run organization strives to create cherished memories, spread holiday cheer, support our community, and promote goodwill and giving.

Our Vision

The Santa House envisions a welcoming place where children of all abilities can experience the wonder of the holidays. We see a space for children with special needs and their families to make treasured memories, sharing wishes with Santa Claus regardless of any physical, mental, or financial challenges.