Gifts That Last a Lifetime: Creating Treasured Holiday Memories for Your Children

The holiday season comes and goes so quickly. As parents, we all want to make the most of this special time of year and build lifelong memories for our kids. Experts agree, one of the greatest gifts we can give children is filling their childhood with cherished traditions and meaningful moments they’ll carry into adulthood.

Celebrate Your Family’s Holiday Traditions

Passing down generations-old traditions like baking favorite holiday cookies from old family recipes or singing carols around the neighborhood connects your kids to their heritage. Even starting new traditions like wearing matching pajamas on Christmas Eve or leaving out milk and cookies for Santa becomes rituals they’ll want to continue with their own families someday. Lean into the traditions that make your family’s holiday season unique.

Give the Gift of Community and Belonging

Helping others in your community this Christmas is a valuable way to teach empathy and service. Have kids select toys or canned goods to donate to charity drives. Volunteer as a family at a soup kitchen or to help build gifts for needy children. Show kids the role we all play in taking care of each other, especially during the holidays. These experiences foster a spirit of generosity.

Soak Up the Magic of the Season

Make time for immersive holiday experiences that spark awe and wonder in your children – see the Nutcracker ballet, drive around looking at neighborhood lights, have them stay up late on Christmas Eve to listen for Santa. Build in opportunities for them to fully immerse in the singular feeling of childlike excitement that comes during the holidays to create nostalgic memories.

This holiday season, give your children gifts that will last far beyond December – meaningful memories and traditions infused with the spirit of your family’s love.

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